Your Goddess Health Unleashed
Your Goddess Health Unleashed

Welcome to Your Goddess Health Unleashed

Discover and unleash your inner goddess health potential!

The Goddess Network

Dr. Anjali Dsouza brings leads a network of high-achieving, over-scheduled women struggling so they can unlock their inner health potential and feel energized, find the “right” weight for themselves, manage stress gracefully, and improve their sleep.   We offer group courses, individualized coaching, workshops, and network events.  Connect with each other, upgrade your well-being, optimize your metabolic health, balance your hormones, and fine-tune your digestion...Unleash Your Inner Goddess! 

Why You Should Join

This network is specifically for high-achieving women who want to connect with each other and care for themselves in one or more of the following ways:

  • Find practical, real world (not perfect world) ways to improve their well-being and unlock their body’s innate potential to heal

  • Create a dedicated, high-yield time for self-care

  • Focus on the science of female metabolism and body composition

  • Be held accountable for their health transformation

  • Connect with other like-minded women motivated to improve their wellbeing

  • Have Dr. Anjali Dsouza as your cheerleader on your own health transformation

Dr. Dsouza designed this network to help TRANSFORM you


  • An energized goddess making steady progress on your health goals

  • An informed “walker of the talk” who engages with the science and practices the teachings of hormonal balance, metabolic optimization, and digestive health.

  • A self-actualizer with access to a supportive community and the tools to overcome health challenges and celebrate wellbeing wins

Here's how it works

  • Months will be organized into “Themes” during which we will focus on specific topics, challenges, and content (e.g. Hormone Health, Metabolic Health, Nutrition, etc)

  • Every week, we will gather as a community for “Live Lunch with Dr. Dsouza.”  Community members can highlight what they are working on, bring questions, and cheer others on.

  • Members will be able to collaborate with other members independently, draw inspiration from shared experiences, and make new friends!

  • We will host live, interactive events that will be free to all members.  Our recent “Menopause Masterclass” is a good example.

  • Members will get priority, pre-launch registration and a 30% discount for Group Courses, like

    • Optimizing Your Metabolic Health (OYMH)

    • Metabolic Health Booster (for graduates of the OYMH Group) 

    • Hormone Balancing

    • Digestive Health Wellness